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The Coalition Helpline was founded in 1995, initially as a joint project with the WA State Society for Clinical Social Work (WSSCSW), to help practitioners and consumers deal with the mounting concerns, questions and reported questionable procedures or cases of outright abuse from managed care organizations.
Questions over the years have covered a range of issues: complaints over how audits by MCO staff were handled; outraged consumers dealing with denied or abruptly curtailed treatment; protracted time lags from carrier reimbursements; authorization requests that required information that appeared inappropriate to the course of treatment.
Many patients and clinicians have come to terms with the MCO reality over the years as issues have been addressed with many of these companies. The need and requests still exist, however, for some inter-disciplinary organization to respond to individual cases, and to offer a safeguard to the therapist/client alliance.
WHEN YOU CALL, a volunteer will get back to you to answer questions, hear what you have already tried in addressing the situation, and suggest a plan of action. Often issues are staffed at a Coalition Board meeting to generate additional ideas or resources, such as contacting the Office of the Insurance Commissioner in Olympia.
OUR NUMBER: 206-444-4304.  Please specify your request for a call back.



Washington State Coalition of Mental Health Professionals & Consumers
Mailing Address:  P. O. Box 30087  Seattle, WA 98113   Phone:  206-444-4304