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Mike Kreidler, Insurance Commissioner (http://www.insurance.wa.gov/complaints-and-fraud/file-a-complaint/insurance-agent/index.html)


Dear Commissioner Kreidler,


I am contacting you as an enrollee of Regence BlueShield.  I understand that my psychotherapist is having [his/her] reimbursement cut, and this is a decision that I object to.  It will be a barrier to my receiving needed treatment for my mental health problems.


My mental health treatment began on [add date here.]  I have had [add number] sessions for [anxiety, depression, other].  If my therapist cannot make a living, I will not be able to continue to see [him/her].


My therapist is [name, title] and has been very helpful to me.  I want to continue to get the mental health treatment I need and would appreciate your attention to the refusal by Regence to cover my treatment at the level of reimbursement that is necessary.





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