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The Washington Association for Mental Health Treatment Protection (WAMHTP) was created in August 2011 to attempt to address increased restrictions by insurers on mental health benefits for Washington citizens.  Though state and federal mental health parity laws have been passed, insurers are not in compliance with them.

WAMHTP hopes to provide information to all who need assistance in gaining access to appropriate mental health treatment and welcomes feedback from clinicians and consumers.

The WAMHTP mission is to develop a comprehensive and equitable approach to insurance reimbursement of mental health treatment.  Our goal is to preserve clinical judgment as the driver for clinical decisions, consistent with state and federal mental health parity laws.

Click here for the Appeals Process for Clinicians.pdf
Click here for the Appeals Process for Consumers.pdf

Appeals Templates
Click here for Initial Appeals Letter Template.pdf
Click here for Second Appeals Letter Template.pdf


Washington State Coalition of Mental Health Professionals & Consumers
Mailing Address:  P. O. Box 30087  Seattle, WA 98113   Phone:  206-444-4304