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Welcome to the Website of the
Washington State Coalition of Mental Health
Professionals and Consumers

We hope you will visit our site often for updates and important information regarding mental health care in Washington State.

Who we are: The Washington State Coalition of Mental Health Professionals and Consumers is a multi-disciplinary group of mental health professionals and consumers. Created in early 1994, the Coalition supports and advocates for specific values that are essential for effective psychotherapy. The Coalition works toward a health care system in which mental health benefits are a vital component. Mental health services offered through benefits plans must balance high-quality services and cost efficiency while maintaining respect for the therapeutic process, recognizing the importance of the patient-therapist relationship, and protecting the patient's right to maximum confidentiality within that relationship. In this time of continuing change in the delivery of mental health services, the Coalition serves as a resource and support for consumers, practitioners, and any others who share this vision and wish to make mental health care reform.

Mental Health Coverage: What you should know about
the mental health care your plan provides

Stated mental health benefits in insurance and HMO plans may not be what they seem. Many people are unaware of the actual mental health coverage their plan allows.  Getting answers to some important questions may help avoid future surprises about what is and is not covered by your plan. Click here for details.

Washington state clinicians need to understand how these rules affect their practices.  If you have questions about how HIPAA Rules affect you as a clinician, see the Answers to Frequently Asked Questions on HIPAA Privacy Standards or Washington State Privacy Laws. Also, see Answers to Frequently Asked Questions on HIPAA Security Standards.

Prepared by Laura W. Groshong, L.I.C.S.W., Coalition Lobbyist

If you would like to sample HIPAA forms or have complete information on HIPAA, you can find it at www.clinicalsocialworkassociation.org; the cost is $35.

The Coalition Lobbyist, Laura Groshong, also works for the Clinical Social Work Association, for whom she has written a HIPAA Manual with Keith Myers, Coalition member, and David Schoolcraft, JD, an expert health care attorney.  As a courtesy for Coalition members, CSWA is willing to provide the Manual (which includes all forms required to be HIPAA compliant) for $35.  Contact Donna Dietz, CSWA Administrator, at administrator@clinicalsocialworkassociation.org, and she will tell you how to pay for and access the Manual.

What Can You Do?   Be an informed consumer. . .

Your donations help us advocate
for better mental healthcare




February 9

9:00 to 12:30

U W School of Social Work

For more details, click here



Washington State Coalition of Mental Health Professionals & Consumers
Mailing Address:  P. O. Box 30087  Seattle, WA 98113   Phone:  206-444-4304